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Are you burnt out?

Everyone gets burnt out at some time or another, but the great thing is we don’t have to stay there.  Feeling bummed out is a choice, believe it or not!  And there are real activities you can do to change the way you feel.

Right now, close your eyes.  Ok, read this first.  Think of the best time of your life.  Where were you?  What did it smell like?  What did it look like?  Can you feel it; taste it; hear it?  Now close your eyes and imagine it for 1 minute and don’t open your eyes until all of your senses can see and feel that place and time again.

All done?  How do you feel?  Now I want you to do it again, but this time do something that will trigger the memory.  Can you touch your hand or rub your cheek.  Maybe a sound, “ahhh” or a dance move.  Add a trigger and do it again.

The more you repeat this activity, the easier it will get to focus on this positive time.  When you feel happy, you can produce more.  I will also sing, dance and be creative any way I can think of to be happy.

Can you think of ways to turn your mood around?  Comment below.

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