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Do you want to be happy?

Here it is folks, the secret to happiness….

Help others!

If you want to feel good you have to contribute to society.  If you aren’t adding value, I am sure you are an unhappy person.  Last blog I said to surround yourself with people  who add value to your life. But if you don’t add value to anyone, you are just extra weight.  So Contribute!

How, you ask? What are you good at?  Nothing? That’s not true.  Go read a book and share what you learned with someone.  Imagine you took your new knowledge and gave it to someone else.  Elderly people in nursing homes would just love the company, but even business people would love it if you can teach them something new.

Can you sing? I can teach you! lol- I really mean that if you can sing the you should. You were given a gift not everyone has, so use it.  Sing in church, shelters, and old age homes.  Sing on stage or go live. Someone may need to hear your song.

Adding value comes in so many forms.  You can foster or adopt a child or even a pet.  My friend volunteers at  Victory for the Voiceless . She helps abandoned and abused animals find foster and permanent homes.  Her company supplies food and supplies for pets to pet owners that can’t afford to care of their pets.  Her passion makes her and many animals happy.

Maybe you should write a book, or adopt a child from another country.  Build a home for someone in need, teach someone to read, or mow somebody’s lawn.  I know you are full of ideas how to contribute.  If your not, then talk to someone, I am sure they will give you ideas.

For me, giving has never been hard.  Sometimes I feel like Ella Enchanted, she had a spell on her to be obedient, so anytime anyone told her to do something, she had to do it.  Whenever anyone needs help, I am there; sometimes to a fault.  But it makes me feel good.  I feel great knowing I am capable of raising someone else’s children, or driving the basketball team to their game or even just making a meal for someone.

I’m telling you from experience, GIVE! Giving is good for your soul.  You will feel better about yourself.  Who else can give someone your gift?  No one except for you.

If you have ideas you can give about how others can contribute, do so now below. Or just let me know how you contributed recently.

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