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Money Hungry!

You know the saying, “Money Hungry.”  Well what is really wrong with that?  People have created all sorts of sayings to deter people from feeling good about making more money. Sayings like, “Money can’t buy happiness” and “Money is the root of all evil” are just a few of many negative connotative phrases money has.

The truth is, we all need money to thrive.  I know the lifestyle I want: I like nice cars, owning property and traveling.  When I want to shop, I LOVE having money.  When I don’t have money, but I have to buy my kids school clothes and school supplies or pay bills, I feel strapped, choked and clearly, NOT happy!  I don’t mind working, side hustling and running a few business to pay for the life I love.

But that is not the only reason I hustle; you see, I have been a member of a church that has financially struggled, I am a teacher in a Title I school and I am very generous with whatever I have.  If I had more, I would give more. Read that again:

If I had more, I would give more!

I had heard a speaker once say that if a generous person gains more money, they will be more generous and if a greedy person gains more money, they will be more greedy.  Money doesn’t change people, it just glorifies who they already were.

Get rid of the negative feelings associated with money.  It is a benefit, it buys us food and shelter and fun stuff too.  If you want to learn how to create more wealth, look into my conference August 26-27.  This will be one aspect I discuss.  Don’t stay stuck, register now!

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