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Happy Mother’s Day! – Everyday….

Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter; holiday, holiday, holiday!  Is this another ploy for card stores to collect money, gift stores to become rich?  Maybe, maybe not.  I started to think about Mother’s day; as I drove in the rain from New Jersey to New York I thought, “this is horrible, my family should take me to dinner another time.” But that’s the thing, sometimes, they don’t! 

So it takes a holiday like Mother’s day to be created to remind us our mother’s are special and we should treat them as such.  Except, now there is a two hour wait at Olive Garden, and every chain restaurant I’d like to go to, because thousands of mothers are being escorted to their favorite restaurants to be tortured waiting on the same dinner lines.  Then of course there are the mothers that won’t wait.  They get to stay home doing the same old, same old, maybe even annoyed at the attempted dinner session, until they realized the long lines.

Still there’s another chance for dinner, they go to a small or undesirable place that no one thinks of or wants to eat at.  I went to a little neighborhood restaurant and it was good, it wasn’t my first choice.  I’m not complaining either, we had a great time.  I even learned that chicken katsu was fried chicken, so my picky son could eat to at a sushi restaurant.

My point is, people deserved to be celebrated all the time.  Instead of waiting for a holiday, make everyday a holiday.  Take your mom, dad, wife, husband, sister, brother, child, etc. out to dinner whenever you want.  You might say, “I don’t have the money,” but you probably don’t have the money at Mother’s day either, do it anyway!  Work a little extra to pay for that dinner.  Don’t wait for crowded lines to tell your loved one, you love them.

If you already got this down, kudos; you don’t need to read my article 🙂 But I’m glad you did.  You can leave some words of wisdom in the comments.

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